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Profiles - Chronic health issues

Interview 02- Chronic pain

Not working/voluntary work for Fibromyalgia Association; single.

Interview 04- Chronic pain

Medically retired care officer; married; 3 children.

Interview 07- Chronic pain

Retired careers officer; married; 2 children.

Interview 15 - Chronic pain

Scientist; single; 1 child.

Interview 29 - Chronic pain

Nurse; married; 2 children.

Interview 34 - Chronic pain

Nurse (not working), voluntary work; married; 2 children.

Interview 41- Chronic pain

Retired health visitor; divorced; 3 children.

Andy - Interview 04- Diabetes Type 2

Andy is a supply manager in IT and is married with two adult children (twins aged 24). Ethnic background/Nationality' White British.

Pamela - Interview 08- Diabetes Type 2

Pamela is the Director of a health-related organisation. She is divorced with one adult child aged 28. Ethnic background/Nationality' White British.

Paul - Interview 20- Diabetes Type 2

Paul is an aircraft engineer and is married with 4 grown-up children aged 34, 32, 27 and 25 years. Ethnic background/Nationality' British.

Lawrence - Interview 33- Diabetes Type 2

Lawrence works in the catering trade and is married with three young children. Ethnic background/Nationality' Born in Zimbabwe.

Zoe - Interview 34- Diabetes Type 2

Zoe is a hairdresser who lives with her partner and has no children. Ethnic background/Nationality' White British.

Sylvia- Interview 38 - Diabetes Type 2

Sylvia is an administrator who lives with her partner and has one son aged 11. Ethnic background/Nationality' Black British.

Interview 03- HIV

Has only recently returned to full time work. He was diagnosed with HIV as a university student, and in 1997 he very nearly died from HIV-related illnesses.

Interview 08- HIV

A black African female health professional who presented with bleeding due to Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) in early 2005. She was hospitalised where she was diagnosed with HIV.

Interview 11- HIV

A single gay male who was diagnosed with HIV early on in the HIV epidemic. He has never been ill from HIV, and has an undetectable viral load.

Interview 12- HIV

A gay man of British/Irish descent who works full-time and is in a long-term partnership.

Interview 17- HIV

A gay man born in France who immigrated to the UK 19 years ago, and is in a long-term relationship. He was diagnosed following a period of poor health.

Interview 18- HIV

A 33 year old black African female with a young 5 year old child. She was diagnosed as HIV positive as part of pregnancy screening.

Malcolm - Diabetes Type 2

Malcolm's diabetes was diagnosed 15 years ago after a routine eyesight test. Initially his diabetes was controlled by diet but now he takes metformin, gliclazide and pioglitazone.

Tina - Diabetes Type 2

Tina was diagnosed 12 years ago. Initially she tried to control diabetes with diet alone, then transferred to metformin. In 2004 she changed to insulin and now takes Levimir at night.

Melanie - Living with a urinary catheter

Melanie is a journalist. She is married and has one child. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

Paul - Diabetes Type 2

Paul was diagnosed 14 years ago when he was in hospital for a minor op. He takes metformin and uses other medication to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Lawrence - Diabetes Type 2

Diagnosed a year ago, Lawrence takes gliclazide and losartan.

Stuart - Living with a urinary catheter

Stuart broke his neck in 1997, aged 47, when he fell into a river whilst on a fishing trip. He became tetraplegic. He worked with an organisation that designed a leg bag emptying device powered by his wheelchair. He has a suprapubic catheter.

Alex - Living with a urinary catheter

Alex is a disability consultant. She is married. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

James - Long term health conditions

James has a renal condition called Senior Loken Syndrome and it means that his kidneys didn't develop as he grew older. James was diagnosed with his condition when he was eleven years old and since then he has spent much of his time on dialysis. Four times a week he goes to hospital to have dialysis and he is able to attend school two days a week. This condition affects both his kidneys and his eyes and James is now registered blind.

Jamie - Long term health conditions

Jamie has a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He was diagnosed when he was six days old and underwent pioneering and life saving surgery. He gets breathless very easily and is not allowed to play any contact sports. Jamie absolutely loves football so at home he plays it in the garden with his sister and a neighbour.

Lara - Long term health conditions

Lara was diagnosed with myoclonic juvenile epilepsy when she was 17 years old. She became depressed and lost her confidence after diagnosis but she wasn't offered counselling. Her nurse has provided her with lots of support. Nowadays she jokes about her epilepsy giving it derogatory names and says that it is one way of coping with it. She has no problem in telling others about her epilepsy.

Interview 30- HIV

A highly educated health professional working full time. He is a black African man married with children.

Harriet - Interview 1- Jewish Health

Harriet is a management consultant and is married. Ethnic background/nationality' Jewish/Russian/Polish

Karin ' Interview 28- Jewish Health

Karin works as a director/administrator. She is married and has one child. Ethnic background/nationality' Jewish

Michelle ' Interview 31- Jewish Health

Michelle is a tutor and housewife. She is married and has 3 children. Ethnic background/nationality' Jewish

Interview 25 - Living with dying

Part time piano teacher, married, 2 children
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