Living with and beyond cancer

Profiles - Urological cancers (prostate, testis or penis)

Christopher - Interview 07

Christopher is a printer. He is married with two sons.

Ken - Interview 17

Ken is a retired tractor repairman. He is widowed. Ethnic Background: White British.

Ray - Interview 19

Ray is married, and is a retired life assurance underwriter. Ethnic Background: White British.

Albert - Interview 31

Albert is married, and is a retired draughtsman. Ethnic Background: White British.

Alan - Interview 33

Alan is married with two children aged 49 and 46. He is a retired architect. Ethnic Background: White British.

Eric - Interview 34

Eric is married and a retired company director. Ethnic Background: White British.

Michael - Interview 35

Michael is a semi-retired academic. He is widowed, and has two children. Ethnic Background: White British.

John - Interview 37

John is a retired director of technical services (chartered civil engineer), but still works as a Methodist preacher. He is married with four children aged 55, 53, 51 and 49. Ethnic Background: White British.

Jim - Interview 38

Jim is married, with two sons aged 47 and 44. He is a retired skilled inspector (engineering). Ethnic Background: White British.

Ken - Interview 40

Ken is a retired electrician. He is widowed, and has a son. Ethnic Background: White British.

Interview 48

Company Director; single, no children.

Barry - Interview 73

Barry is a White male and is trained as an approved electrician. He is not currently married.

Frank - Interview 74

Frank is a White male in his 70s. Frank is single with a grown up child, aged 46. He is a retired business development manager by trade at a large employer.

Les - Interview 76

Les is a White married father of two grown up children. He is a full time chemical process technician at a large chemical manufacturer.

Steve - Interview 77

Steve is a White male with grown up children. Steve is a retired paver.

Arthur Frank - Interview 96

University professor; married, 2 children

Interview 106

Retired Managing Director; divorced, 2 children.

Interview 121

Quantity surveyor; married, no children.

Interview 126

Cabinet maker; single, no children.

Interview 131

Retired heating engineer; married, 2 children.

Interview 135

Contract Manager; married, 1 adult child.

Interview 138

Baker; divorced, no children.

Interview 144

Computer analyst; married, 1 child.

Interview 147

Professional; married, no children.

Interview 150

Separated, 1 child.

Interview 158

No details given.
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