Transport and travel

If you are unwell, transport and travel at home and overseas may cost you more. There are schemes that can help. Here we talk to people who have pancreatic cancer about the extra costs and help they got in relation to transport and travel overseas.


Some people had applied for a disabled badge for parking (Blue Badge Scheme). William was pleased because he got a vehicle tax exemption, so didn’t need to pay.

The cost of going to and from hospital for treatment was another added expense. Petrol was expensive and sometimes people had to take a taxi. Parking at the hospital could cost money unless people had a disabled badge and could find a parking place for disabled people.

William was receiving the higher level of Disability Living Allowance so the government very…

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Rory got a Blue Badge for parking. Her insurers told her that she could remain insured if she…

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Bob said he had to go to the hospital five times in one week for treatment. This was a 50-mile round trip each day. People on low incomes can sometimes reclaim the cost of transport to and from hospital.

As well as the cost of parking, it can be hard to find a space at the hospital. Hamish complained that he had to allow at least an extra half an hour to find a parking space.

Ben didn’t have a car so he used hospital transport. This is a free service available in some areas for people who need it.

Travel insurance

Higher travel insurance is another problem for many people who have cancer. As soon as people told their insurance company that they had pancreatic cancer, or if they mentioned the word ‘terminal’, the insurance quote shot up.

When Anthonys wife was ill they found that travel insurance had become very expensive. When they…

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Some told us you can still find ‘reasonable’ insurance if you ‘look around’. John said that his bank had always covered his insurance. Richard decided to take out insurance which would cover everything except problems associated with cancer. Dorothy was able to use a letter from her consultant to get travel insurance cover that didn’t cost much more than ordinary insurance. The letter did not mention a ‘terminal prognosis’.

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