Get Dipex+

Subscribing to Dipex+ gives you the ability to embed any of the 35,000+ media clips of people’s experiences from and into websites, e-learning material, PowerPoint presentations and intranets.

For as long as has existed, it has been used in teaching and training for a wide range of professions and in academic studies. We are excited to be offering a new service that will make it easier to use our video clips for professional users of the site.

How does it work?

Sign up to Dipex+ and you will find embed codes that will appear within each video player on the website.  You can then use these codes to integrate the clips into your website, presentation, virtual learning environment or intranet.

Who can join Dipex+?

Dipex+ is available to those who want to use the video for educational use for example:

  • Teaching in schools or colleges
  • Lecturing in Universities
  • Professional training
  • Web-based resources for the public

What does Dipex+ cost?

Just £500 per year will allow 10 individuals in your organisation to embed any of our 35,000 video clips. Additional log-ins are sold in bundles of 10 for £500. If you apply in March 2024 we are offering 50% off for the first year of your subscription.

All revenue will be used to support the running costs of the website to help the charity keep it going for future learners and the general public.

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