Use our videos in your work

The thousands of patient story videos that appear on healthtalk.org have helped millions of people over the past 20 years and now they are available for you to use on your own website, app, intranet, Virtual Learning Environment or presentations.

If you work for a non-profit (e.g. academia, education, charities and the public sector) you can subscribe to our new Dipex+ service and use any of our 35,000 plus video clips, which are:

  • Based on balanced, ethically-funded academic research by Oxford University and other respected institutions.
  • Bite-size excerpts from interviews with real people, in their own words.
  • About a huge range of health and social care related topics, including some less common and harder-diagnose conditions.
  • Hosted on healthtalk.org and socialcaretalk.org which are run by UK charity Dipex, with all proceeds supporting our work.
  • Supporting the public and professionals alike.

Find out more about how our videos can be used to support your beneficiaries or students/colleagues.

Alternatively, you can sign up now using the form below. The subscription costs just £500 a year for up to 10 users (£250 for registered charities). For a limited time, we are offering 50% off the first year for new members!

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