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Non-profits and charities can now use our video content on their own websites, apps and training presentations! and are run by us, the Dipex Charity. Established in 2001, we help millions of people each year but we want to do more and hope to further our reach by sharing our content via other charities.

Why use our content in your charity’s work?

1) Reliable content

All of our videos are excerpts from academic research interviews conducted by respected institutions such as Oxford University. The research is ethically funded, either by other charities or public bodies such as the National Institute for Health Research.

2) Boost the impact of your health information

Via surveys conducted on, those who use our videos for personal reasons tell us that watching videos of other people sharing their experiences makes it easier to understand their health condition. Our user research tells us that they also feel reassured, less alone, better informed and that they found information in the people’s stories not covered elsewhere. Furthermore the content answers their questions, reducing their need to make an appointment with a health professional.

"I’ve been struggling with depression since I can remember, and with trying to get those around me to understand how I feel...making me feel more alone. I sent my parents the link to this page and had them watch the videos, and now they (and I) know that I am not alone with my illness. Now they understand and have decided to help me. Thank you so much, this information saved my life." visitor (aged 20)

3) Hundreds of topics covered

We cover more than 100 different health conditions and topics in depth so there is a good chance we have something that will help your beneficiaries. Browse our A-Z to see our huge range of health conditions, health and social care (link takes you to topics.

4) Charity discount

Registered charities get a 50% discount on our £500 annual subscription fee and, for a limited time, we are offering 50% off the first year for new members. In total, that’s just £125 for registered charities for the first year and £250 per year thereafter.

Use our videos to boost support to your beneficiaries by signing up for Dipex+ below.

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