Psychosis (young people)

In this section you can see and hear young people talking about their experiences of psychosis.

Our researchers travelled around England and talked to 22 young people who wanted to share their experiences of psychosis with others. They talked about what it was like to experience psychosis for the first time; how it impacted on school, college and further study, and the day to day challenges of living with psychosis. They also described techniques they’ve developed or learned to manage their wellbeing, and about the ups and downs of getting support from mental health services, GPs, family and friends.

The interviews with young people for this website took place in their homes, or at a place of their choice, including a college or university, or the offices of local mental health organisations. You can see more about those who supported our work.

Our website has other sections on mental health which you might also find interesting, including a section on experiences of psychosis in the general population and a section on young people’s experiences of depression and low mood.

This section is based on research by The University of Oxford.


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