Kidney health

Profiles - Women aged 60 – 74


Pat worked as a Health Services Assistant until she had to take early retirement in 2007 due to ill health. She lives with her husband. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Ethnic background: White British.

Jackie Z

Jackie Z is a retired secondary school teacher. She lives with her husband. They have been married for 44 years and have one daughter. Ethnic background: White British.


Joan is a retired cake decorator and now runs a community and day centre for elderly and disabled people. She is divorced, has 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, and lives with a lodger. Ethnic background: White British.


Margaret is a retired supermarket assistant. She has 3 children and 8 grandchildren. She lives by herself in a warden-supported flat but currently manages independently. Ethnic background: White British.

Flo and her husband Fred

Flo is a retired supermarket chief cashier. She has atrial fibrillation, hypertension and gout. She and lives with her husband Fred who has COPD. They support each other with their health problems and have 2 children. Ethnic background: White British.


Barbara is a retired care assistant. She is divorced and lives by herself close to her siblings and children. She has 4 adult children and helps with the care of several of her 16 grandchildren. Ethnicity: White British


Kath is a retired piano teacher. In her 40s she developed severe osteoarthritis, which continues to cause her a lot of pain. She is divorced, has 3 adult children and lives by herself in a retirement flat. Ethnic background: White British.


Laura is a payroll manager. She cohabits with her partner and has no children. Ethnic background: White British.


Anne is widowed with four children. She is a retired administrator. Ethnic background: White British.


Xanthe is married with no children. She has retired from the clothing trade and looks after her husband. Ethnic background: White British.


Elizabeth is a retired mushroom picker. She is widowed with three adult daughters. Ethnicity: White British.
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