Kidney health

Profiles - Men aged 60 – 74

Jim B

Jim B is married with two adult children. He is a retired local government officer. Ethnic background: White British.


Martin is a retired local government officer. He likes to keep active at the gym 3 times a week. He lives together with his wife, has one child and recently has become a grandfather.

John X

John X is a retired self-employed pest control technician. He retired 6 years ago due to arthritic pain. He is divorced, has 3 children and lives with his granddaughter. Ethnicity: British/Seychelles.


Gordon is a retired Royal Mail Inspector. He retired at age 55 to care for his wife after she had a stroke. He is now widowed and lives together with one of his two daughters, who has Down’s Syndrome. His other daughter runs a hair salon in the front of his house. Ethnic background: White British.


Liban is a retired shipyard and factory worker. He has one adult daughter from a previous marriage in Denmark before coming to the UK in 1997. He is re-married but currently lives by himself as his wife has not been able to get a visa for the UK. Ethnic background: Somali/Black African.


Bill is a retired factory worker. He lives in a flat by himself after his long-term partner died four years ago. He is the youngest of eight siblings and keeps busy looking after the older ones. Ethnic background: White British.


James recently learned about his kidney impairment when he consulted a locum GP about blood in his urine (macro-haematuria). He takes medication for atrial fibrillation and to control high blood pressure and cholesterol. Ethnic background: White British.


Robert retired 6 years ago from his very busy job as a bakery shift engineer after developing macular degeneration in his left eye. He is married, has three adult children and lives with his wife in a bungalow in a retirement park.


Tony is single and works as a volunteer driver for the Red Cross, having retired from his main occupation as a hotel duty manager. Ethnicity: White British.


Ken is married with two adult children. He has retired from a career in the police force and now works as an events safety officer. Ethnicity: White British.


Donald is a retired police constable and now works as a customer service agent. He is single and lives alone. Ethnicity: White British.
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