Financial issues related to burn injuries

This section covers:

  • Loss of income when time off work is needed
  • Additional costs associated with hospital trips and treatments, including travel expenses and parking
  • Costs from cancelled events and activities

Jessica said she was “lucky” and Rhian described herself as “fortunate” that their living and financial circumstances meant that the financial impacts of their burn injuries did not affect them too much. They recognised though that other people in less secure financial situations might really struggle.

Helen Y feels fortunate that her partner was able to financially support the family whilst she was recovering.

Loss of income when time off work is needed

The people we talked to told us that worrying about finances added more stress to an already difficult situation.

Sarah explained how expenses, such as petrol and having to take time off work, added stress to an already difficult situation.

Some people we spoke to told us that after they or their child were burnt, they needed to take time off work or reduce their hours, which impacted them financially. Other people talked about feeling fortunate that they had partners who were still able to work and provide an income for the family. Tom’s parents were able to help out financially, though he felt uncomfortable asking for this.

Helen Y didn’t realise the severity of her burn until after she was told she would need to stay in hospital for three weeks. This made her start to worry about money issues as she would have to take time away from work.

Tom recalled feeling worried and stressed about earning an income after he was burnt

Jessica needed some time off after her burn injury and her husband picked up more responsibilities for childcare on top of his work. They decided to put their daughter into childcare to help take some pressure off, which meant some additional costs.

Additional costs associated with hospital trips and treatments, including travel expenses and parking

When someone has a burn there are sometimes expenses associated with hospital trips and treatments. This can include hospital car parking charges and petrol costs for driving to and from the hospital. Chris Y highlighted that parents visiting their child in hospital need to pay for their own food too, which can add up.

After Abi’s son was burnt, she needed to drive daily to her nearest burns unit which was 40 minutes away.

Costs from cancelled events and activities

Amy, Chris Y, and Tom also spoke about having to cancel holidays, activities, and events that they or their child could no longer attend after the burn. Sometimes they lost money because of this or found it a struggle to get a refund.

At the time of his burn, Tom was finishing a Master’s degree and looking forward to going on some holidays. He had to cancel his holidays and did not receive all of his money back. Tom also found it difficult to apply for jobs whilst he was recovering from the burn, and having to pay to travel to job interviews was difficult.

Chris Y and Amy said they felt guilt in different ways after their son, William, was burnt.

Amy and Chris Y encountered some problems when trying to claim back money for cancelled activities.

Rhian felt that it was important to prioritise her health and mindset and she tried not to “get stressed out” about finances. As she was self-employed, Rhian felt fortunate that she did not feel pressured to return to work.

Rhian believes it is important to look after your mindset whilst recovering.

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