Burn injuries resources

UK charities offering support for burn injuries

Dan’s Fund For Burns


Dan’s Fund For Burns offer assistance to adults with burn injuries. Their website offers information about how to get help. They also host a weekly online support group for people to learn, get guidance, and talk to others who have experienced a similar situation.

Children’s Burns Trust


The Children’s Burns Trust provides rehabilitation support for burned and scald injured children and their families. Their website offers information about the services they offer and how to get involved.

Other UK charities offering support related to visible difference

Changing Faces


Changing Faces provide mental health, wellbeing, and skin camouflage services for people with a visible difference. They work to transform understanding and acceptance of visible difference, and campaign to reduce prejudice and discrimination.

The Katie Piper Foundation


The Katie Piper foundation provide rehabilitation services for people with scarring. They operate a support helpline and also run a rehabilitation programme.

Resources about burn injuries

Supporting children with burns


Supporting Children with Burns is a website which contains information to help support parents or carers of children and young people who have experienced a burn injury of any kind or size. There is information on common experiences and tips. Parents have written about their experiences and there are links to other resources.

NHS Burns


The NHS burns and scalds website offers first-aid advice for burns as well as information about treatment, recovery, complications, and prevention.

Emotional support and information

People affected by burn injuries might want further information, or support in coping with worries and concerns. There are a variety of resources available for people in need of mental health support. Mind is a charity that provides advice and support. Samaritans aim to provide emotional support to people struggling to cope or at risk of suicide through their telephone helpline. They also have an email and letter writing support service, as well as a self-help app. GPs may also be able to provide mental health support.

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