Interview 32

Age at interview: 42
Brief Outline: His father had prostate cancer, so in 2005 he asked his GP for a PSA test. The result of the test was 'normal'.
Background: Occupation' Gardener. Marital status' married. Ethnic background' White British.

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He asked for a PSA test because his father had prostate cancer. The result was normal.

He asked for a PSA test because his father had prostate cancer. The result was normal.

The reason why I decided to have a PSA test was... two years ago following the death of my Mother, my Father decided to have a full medical check-up and he's aged seventy two and from the results or following the full check-up that he had it was identified that he had a very high PSA count and subsequently he did have prostate cancer, he-he had a prostatectomy.


And believe now that he's been given the all clear, so...

Oh good.

... so that's good but I thought from that it would be a sensible idea to have a PSA test, because it's a simple straight forward test so, I was actually at my GP's in June this year and I asked her if I could have one and she said yes, so I had a blood test and it was sent away and my result was low, zero point five.


But I aim to have the test every five years or so...


... from now.

So you'd never heard anyone talking about the PSA test on television or radio?


Not that you're aware?

Not really sure, no not since my Father told me that he'd been diagnosed with prostate cancer. No, so in the last two years say.

Did he [your father] encourage you to have the PSA test?

Oh well no he suggested that at a convenient moment it might be a good idea.

Do you think the suggestion to have the test came from him in the first place? Or was it a joint decision with you and him [laughs]? 

Well he put the idea in to my mind and the reason for that was, possibly to do with genes.

Right, so that comes back to the causes of prostate cancer?


Have you, have you thought about that at all?

Well I suppose one possibility is genes from father to son.


The practice nurse reassured him that his PSA result was normal.

The practice nurse reassured him that his PSA result was normal.

And how long did you have to wait for the result?

Well they would have been available the following tea-time but so it was a Monday I went, had the blood test and then I actually I phoned the surgery on the Wednesday, was given the results over the phone.

What did she say? Did the Doctor speak to you with the results?

No I spoke to the, well I mean initially it was the receptionist when she gave me the result and I obviously wanted to question her to find out a bit more about my score.


Because well I just wanted to [Laughs] have a bit more information, so she put me through to the practice nurse.

Mmm and what did the nurse say?

I spoke to her and she said that was my result was zero point five and that was you know quite normal and nothing to be worried about.

So what was your feeling having got that result?

Well I was pleased I wasn't expecting to have an untowards or a high count but...


Who knows, I mean my Father didn't he had no, as far as I know no symptoms of prostate cancer.


And he said he'd never felt better so,


You know it's one of those things that you don't know, know what you might have really.

Have you had any urinary symptoms at all?


And then did the practice nurse know enough to explain to you?

Yes, yes, well she explained the-the range and the what the range and also the what's described as normal,


Well the normal range and as my result was right at the bottom of that I was quite happy.

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