Interview 35

Age at interview: 75
Age at diagnosis: 68
Brief Outline: Diagnosed with prostate cancer 1993, hormone treatment, TURP in 1999.

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Describes how he started a support group.

Describes how he started a support group.

Our support group started up in April last year and we have all taken a very good interest in prostate cancer. All our committee members have prostate cancer, there is now 9 groups in Scotland, we are now a registered charity. Our headquarters of the groups is not far away and we have a meeting there every 2 months where at least 2 members from each group go and we speak about our groups and how our groups are progressing, how we are tackling prostate cancer in our area, how we are managing to help people to come to terms with prostate cancer. And also help people that are rather, the men are rather backward at coming forward you know they're very unwilling to speak about willy, to speak about prostate cancer. And we've got to try and get them into going to see their doctors, getting a PSA test which is important because if they get a PSA test and they have a high reading it does not necessarily mean you've got prostate cancer it means you've got a prostate problem. Now if they get checked out it can be a problem with the prostate, not necessarily cancer and that is treatable.

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