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Sam Z

Sam was worried about his job during the first UK lockdown. He was aware that work could dry up and that his income could be affected. He caught Covid twice, and the second time his symptoms developed into Long Covid.

  • Background

    Sam is 39 and White British. He lives with friends and works as a freelancer.

  • Age at interview 39
  • Zoya

    Zoya was in her final year at university when she caught Covid at the end of 2020.  She had to take a break in her studies because of her symptoms. She experienced fatigue, aches and pains, loss of taste and…

  • Background

    Zoya is a university student and lives with her parents. Zoya describes her ethnicity as Pakistani.

  • Age at interview 23
  • Esther

    Esther’s symptoms continued for about a year and she lost her independence. With support from the GP and the council, with medication and adaptations to the home she is starting to regain her independence. Esther was interviewed in June 2022.

  • Background

    Esther now lives with her daughter, who was present at the interview to translate the questions into Tamil.

  • Sarah

    Sarah became unwell over Christmas in 2020. Initially she felt a bit off colour and lost her appetite, but she got tested when she developed a cough a couple of days later. She then felt “quite unwell” and counted thirteen…

  • Background

    Sarah lives with her husband and has two children (aged 12 and 13). She is a Speech and Language therapist. She had four part-time jobs but is currently working one...

  • Age at interview 43
  • Grayson

    Grayson was in the process of recovering from a hip operation when he fell ill with Covid in late 2020. He has been told that Covid may be responsible for exacerbating the constant hip pain he experiences, and he worries…

  • Background

    Grayson lives with his partner and works full time. They have three children aged 17, 25 and 28. Grayson describes his ethnicity as white

  • Age at interview 60