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Tom was in his early twenties when a flammable liquid was poured onto a barbecue which set alight. He sustained burns to his hands, chest, knees, forearms, and face. Tom stayed in hospital for 5 days. He decided not to…

  • Background

    Tom is 24 years old and works full-time as an Analytical Chemist. He is single. His ethnicity is White British.

  • Age at interview 24
  • Rhian

    Rhian sustained a burn injury to her forearm caused by hot coffee when she was 27 years old. When Rhian attended the hospital for treatment, her burn was incorrectly assessed, and this led to her contracting an infection. Rhian’s advice…

  • Background

    Rhian is a 28-year-old self-employed textile designer. She lives with her partner. Rhian is White British.

  • Age at interview 28
  • Mercy

    Mercy was in her 20’s when she was burnt. Initially, she received treatment in another country before moving to the U.K. for more specialist treatment. Mercy believes it is important for family members of people with burns to be supported…

  • Background

    Mercy is 55 years old. Her ethnicity is Black African.

  • Age at interview 55
  • Marilyn

    Marilyn was 66 years old when she burnt her arm after hot cooking fat was accidentally spilt over her. She developed an infection and was an inpatient at a specialist burns unit for four days. Marilyn said the support she…

  • Background

    Marilyn is 68 years old, retired, and lives with her husband. She has 4 children. Before she retired Marilyn worked as a secretary and a cleaner. Her ethnicity is White...

  • Age at interview 68
  • Jeff

    Jeff sustained burn injuries to his hands over 20 years ago after an electrical accident at work. He experiences mental health difficulties that he says were a result of the burn. Jeff believes it’s important to talk to others about…

  • Background

    Jeff is retired and lives with his wife. His ethnicity is White British.

  • Helen Y

    Helen was 48 when she sustained her burn injury. She was burnt after she had an epileptic fit whilst pouring boiling water into a hot water bottle.

  • Background

    Helen is a service designer working in digital media. She lives with her partner, who she has two children with, aged 17 and 20. Her ethnicity is White British.

  • Age at interview 55
  • Haydn

    Haydn was 44 when he sustained chemical facial burns when he was unblocking a sink. At the hospital he used a medical eye wash to ensure there were no chemicals in his eyes. Haydn believes acting confidently in social situations…

  • Background

    Haydn is 46 years old and lives with his wife and their two children aged 9 and 4. He is self-employed and has a degree in Business Administration. Haydn’s ethnicity...

  • Age at interview 46
  • Helen X

    Helen X was 41 when she sustained her burn injury. Helen sustained burns to her hands, face, torso, and legs when her clothes and hair caught fire. She spent 3 weeks in hospital where she received skin grafts. Helen says…

  • Background

    Helen X is 51 years old and lives with her husband, they have one daughter who is 23. Helen X works part-time as a chemistry university lecturer. Her ethnicity is...

  • Age at interview 51