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Buddy - Interview 21

Buddy says that taking part in the trial was okay and didn't hurt. Because the nurses giving the vaccines came to his home address it didn't take up too much time in travelling or missing school.

  • Background

    Buddy is 13 years of age and took part in the Meningitis C vaccine trial approximately five months ago. He lives with his parents and sibling and attends a local...

  • Age at interview 13
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Will - Interview 22

    Will took part in a Swine Flu Vaccine Trial approximately 12 months ago. Will enjoyed taking part and likes helping others.

  • Background

    Will is 12 years of age, attends a local school and lives with his parents and elder sister. Will is a member of St John’s Ambulance and would like to...

  • Age at interview 12
  • Sex/Gender Male