Buddy – Interview 21

Buddy says that taking part in the trial was okay and didn’t hurt. Because the nurses giving the vaccines came to his home address it didn’t take up too much time in travelling or missing school.

Buddy is aged 13 and lives with his parents and sibling. Buddy’s mother consented for him to take part in the Meningitis C Vaccine Trial approximately five months ago. It involved three visits at their home that involved having injections and blood tests. The first visit was quite long as there was a lot of information gathering and sharing between his mother and the clinical team, and lots of explanation about the trial and what would happen. However, Buddy says It wasn’t really too bad. Because the nurse came and talked to me about what she was doing and it didn’t hurt

However, the following two visits were a bit quicker. Buddy was fine after the vaccinations and says he thinks taking part is good because Like it would be good to help the future and medical scienc.

During the trial, Buddy did have the opportunity to ask questions, however he didn’t as he had no concerns at the time.

The researchers went to Buddys home to take some blood and give his Menigitis C vaccine; it didn…

Age at interview 13

Gender Male