Experiences of trans and gender-diverse young people

In this section you can find out about the experiences of trans and gender-diverse young people by seeing and hearing them share their personal stories on film, audio and in text. We have talked to 50 trans and gender-diverse young people in England, Wales and Scotland both in their homes and online.

Find out what people said about coming out as trans and changing their names, pronouns and appearance; their experiences with GPs, mental health and support; school and college; being referred to gender identity services and experiences with the service; hormones and surgery; sexuality and sexual health, where they looked for information about gender diversity and trans-specific healthcare and what they think would improve services.

You can also find out about the experiences of parents and carers of young trans and gender-diverse people.

We hope you find the information helpful.

Some of the interviews are read by an actor.

Experiences of trans and gender diverse young people – a preview

This site is dedicated to Terry Reed, one of our Advisory group members who sadly passed away during this project. With her husband Bernard Reed, they set up the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) in 1997 following their trans daughter’s successful industrial tribunal case against her former employers. You can read Bernard’s tribute to Terry here.

This website should not be treated as medical advice. These are the stories of young trans and gender-diverse people. All views and experiences are personal to the people who took part. What they found helpful may not be the same for other people. Please see our terms and conditions.

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