Who made this Nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in research resource?

Dr Abi McNiven

Abi McNiven is a qualitative researcher in the Health Experiences Research Group, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, at the University of Oxford. For the project on nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in research, she completed all interviews, analysed the data and wrote the topic summaries. She has previously produced five other sections for the Healthtalk website (four on young people’s experiences of skin conditions – acne, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia; one on pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure in pregnancy). She is a human geographer by background and obtained her PhD in 2014 from Durham University.

Dr Lisa Hinton

Lisa Hinton is a medical sociologist and did her DPhil on experiences of infertility. She joined the Health Experiences Research Group in 2006 and now leads work on applied research for the group. Her research interests include women’s health, in particular complex pregnancy and childbirth. She also has a portfolio of projects in critical care medicine, and currently leads the qualitative research and process evaluation for two trials of self-monitoring of blood pressure (in pregnancy and after stroke).

Grant holders 
Professor Trish Greenhalgh

Funded by

The research was funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Oxford  Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR or the Department of Health

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this research for donating their time and experiences. We are grateful to everyone who supported this study, and all those who helped with recruitment.

Advisory panel

Sylvia Bailey – PPI contributor

Professor Mary Boulton – Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

Carole Crawford – Senior Research Midwife/Coordinator BuMP study, Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences, University of Oxford

Dr Joanna Crocker – Research Fellow, Health Experiences Research Group and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, University of Oxford

Colleen Ewart – PPI contributor and member of CLAHRC East Midlands Patient Voices Panel

Douglas Findlay – Lay contributor

Dr Susan Hamer – Director of Nursing, Learning and Organisational Development, NIHR Clinical Research Network

Dr Emma Jones – Clinical Lecturer, Clinical Trials Unit, University of Warwick

Dr Helen Jones – Head of Research Nursing, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Visiting Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

Professor Louise Locock – Professor of Health Service Research, Health Service Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

Anthea Mould – Head of Allied Health Professionals/Pharmacy and Continuous Improvement, NIHR Clinical Research Network

Dr Lisa Robinson – Consultant Allied Health Professional (Major Trauma Rehabilitation), Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Heather Rutter – Senior Clinical Research Nurse, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

Professor Julie Sanders – Director of Clinical Research, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Royal College of Nursing Research Society Steering Group

Linda Tinkler – Trust Lead for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional Research, Education and Practice Development, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Royal College of Nursing Strategic Research Alliance PhD Fellow

Sandie Wellman – Consultant Research Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Veronika Williams – Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford