Who made this electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) resource?

Dr Laura Griffith

Laura Griffith was a senior researcher at Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford she is now a Lecturer in the Sociology of Health Care at Birmingham University. Laura obtained her DPhil from the University of Sussex in 2006. She is a qualitative researcher and her main research interests are mental health, ethnicity and social inequalities in health.

Bruce Gorrie

Bruce was a co-researcher on the ECT project and conducted many of the interviews. He recruited and interviewed participants to the project and, amongst many other skills he brought to the project, was also able to draw upon his own experience of having had ECT.

Dr Fauzia Knight

Fauzia Knight is a qualitative researcher. She has researched and published in the areas of qualitative fieldwork, qualitative health and legal anthropology. Fauzia wrote all the summaries that appear in the module, based on the research by Laura Griffiths and under the supervision of Prof Damien Ridge.

Thanks to organisations: Rethink, Highland User Group, ECTAS, Hafal, Mind, The Hearing Voices Network, Diverse Minds, Suresearch, Young Minds, Birmingham Mind, Sifa Fireside, Time to Change, Intervoice, See me Scotland, Bipolar Scotland, Bipolar UK, The Warneford Hospital and Clinic, amongst many others.

Thanks to individuals:  Jo Cresswell, Alan Quirk, Clive Seale for help with recruitment. Thanks to all those who were interviewed; individuals and organisations who helped us recruit participants.

The study was funded as part of a National Institute for Health Research Programme Grant (see below) –Dr Rupert McShane was the principal investigator.

Advisory Panel Members: 
Sue Ziebland – Chair
HERG Research Director
Wendy Bryant 
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Jo Cresswell 
ECTAS Programme Manager
Martin Commander 
Consultant Birmingham and Solihull Foundation Trust and Honorary Lecturer Warwick Medical School
David Conlon 
Service User Representative
Dr Mike Dunn 
Lecturer in Health and Social Care Ethics
Dr Laura Griffith 
HERG Senior Qualitative Researcher
Jon Hyslop
Community Glue and Service User involvement consultant.
Ramesh Kanani 
Carer Representative – Leicester City Carers Forum
Dr Rupert McShane 
Consultant Psychiatrist at Warneford Oxford
Dr Wendy Paskell 
ASW Social Worker
Dr Helen Salisbury 
HERG Medical Director

Supported by:
NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme
The National Institute for Health Research.
This project presents independent research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research programme (Reference Number PB-PG-0211-24144). The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR or the Department of Health.

This web resources was created by The Dipex Charity.

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