Diagnostic tests: ultrasound scans

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a picture of the breast. A woman having a breast ultrasound scan will be asked to take off her clothes from the upper part of her body and lie down on a couch. While she is lying down with her arm above her head, an ultrasound specialist puts gel onto her breast and gently moves a small scanning probe over the area causing concern. This shows a picture of the internal tissue of the breast on a screen.
An ultrasound scan is painless and only takes a few minutes to do. Regardless of age, sometimes an ultrasound scan may be done as well as a mammogram when there is an area on the x-ray that needs to be looked at more closely.

A doctor explains why a woman might be given an ultrasound scan at the hospital.

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In addition to having more mammograms, several women described having ultrasound scans when they were referred to a breast clinic.

Jane found having an ultrasound scan easy.

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