Murder or manslaughter involving guns

Hearing that a friend or relative has been murdered is unexpected and deeply shocking. Some people we talked to described what happened after a relative or friend had been shot.

Shazia’s school friend was shot by her father because of his beliefs about ‘izzat’ or honour. He believed that his daughter had brought shame and dishonour on the family because she was not at school when he thought she was supposed to be there. He also shot his other daughter and his wife, and then killed himself.

This all happened one day in 1993, when Shazia was 13 years old. Her teacher had told Shazia and her two friends that they could leave school at lunch-time. The girls’ parents did not know that the girls had a half-day holiday and thought they were at school all day. Rather than going straight home the three girls went to the park.

Shazia recalls what she saw from the street and her feelings of horror and disbelief when she…

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Dorrie was also shot. Patsy, his mother, felt numb when she heard the news, and Ian, one of her other sons, was stricken with grief.

After Dorrie was shot Patsy wished she had gone to the hospital immediately. He was dead by the…

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As soon as Ian heard that his brother had been shot he started to pray. Then he heard that Dorrie…

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In 2002 Erykah’s brother was shot 8 times. He died at the scene. The killer has never been caught and the case is still open.

Erykah was at work when she got a phone call to say that her brother had been shot. She rushed to…

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Road and railway deaths

Hearing the news that a friend or relative has been killed is deeply shocking. Cynthia's daughter was riding her bicycle when she was hit by a...