Interview 31

Age at interview: 57
Age at diagnosis: 47
Brief Outline: Abnormal smear in 1987. Repeat smear normal. In 1992 abnormal smear, referred for colposcopy and diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells (CIN3). Treatment given; cone biopsy. Abnormal smear in 1997. Diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells and treated with diathermy loop excision. Yearly smears since 1998 all normal.
Background: School supervisor; married, 2 children.

More about me...


She had a slight watering discharge for a while after diathermy loop excision.


Yes I think I was inclined to, it lingered on a bit I remember that, you did have a slight discharge for quite a little while, more a wetness than anything, I mean it was obviously quite clear but that went on for quite a while.

Was it longer than you were told?

Yeah well, no not longer than I was told but longer than I had hoped. Certainly longer than a heavy period and it just continued on, you know you were wearing liners etc for a little while. But I think that's just part of the, part of the treatment.


After treatment for her abnormal cervical cells, a yearly check up helps her to feel confident...


I think it's a case of taking each year as it comes but the more I'm getting normal smears the more confident I am that everything is alright in that area and I'm quite sure that it will be alright. I'm confident that everything is there that should be there and I'm getting the attention that I should be getting.

So what are the things that make you feel confident?

The fact that I'm having the yearly check-up is the most important thing and I know that if I was at all worried, each time I'm told "If there's anything at all worrying you just get in touch with us and we'll get you back up to the hospital."

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