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Age at interview: 23
Brief Outline: Thinks that in Britain sex is still associated with sin and that people do not talk about it. (Played by an actor)
Background: Holds a science degree and works full time. At time of interview she has been in a long-standing relationship for the past five years. (Played by an actor)

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Explains how her acute thrush problem disappeared after she started on the Depo Provera injection...

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Well I got it from my family planning clinic, basically they gave it to me because I was suffering really badly from thrush and whatever I did I just couldn't get rid of it. The doctor said that she had some success giving people Depo Provera to get rid of thrush and you know, she said I could try it, thankfully it did work, you know, it was great, it stopped me having periods as well which I was quite keen on. 

What I thought was quite interesting was alot of my friends thought it was silly not knowing when you're getting your period, because you couldn't be sure you weren't pregnant, but I quite liked it.

Do you feel that you have had sufficient information about contraception and at the right time for you?

Yeah , I mean I don't think I was ever left in the dark about it, I mean you do kind of learn things, don't you, but I didn't know about this Depo Provera, but if I had, I would probably gone and got changed onto that sooner

Well I mean if I'd known about Depo Provera I would of gone sooner to the family planning clinic but it's not really well known is it. I mean I don't think people know it can help with thrush, I would of gone sooner if I'd of known.

Describes a pregnancy scare, after which she and her boyfriend resolved not to risk unprotected...

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Well when I was first with my boyfriend, we'd been together about four months, well we'd been friends for about four months. He came round my house one night and I cooked him dinner and I kind of had an inkling that something might happen. We had a nice evening and he did stay over but we didn't do anything. The next night I went round his and I did end up staying the night and we had sex, that was before I was on the pill, and it was unprotected.

When it happened, it was just before the end of my cycle, so I thought you know, I trust that I'm not going to be pregnant because it was right at the end so its going to be alright.

Obviously I did know about condoms and I suggested it, but he had a real problem, I think it was psychological, he said every time he saw a condom he lost his erection, so' that's why we didn't, if any of my friends told me that now you know I'd be mortified and I would never do that again because it's quite worrying obviously. 

At that time, I was waiting for my period to come, and I thought you know, it's going to come, it's going to come and it didn't, it didn't come for about two weeks and in that time I was so scared. It was just awful, I was so scared I couldn't even do a pregnancy test I just didn't want to know. I just kept hoping that you know, its going to come, I have never been so relieved to get my period, ever.

Have you ever used emergency contraception?

No I haven't actually but I mean I definitely would because I would not want to be in that position again, being scared. I haven't, but I would.

If it happened again I would definitely use emergency contraception because I would just not want to go through that again it was just so scary. And I just, for two weeks of my life being that scared it's just not worth it when there are other precautions

Did you share your concerns with your boyfriend, what was his reaction?

Yeah you know I did tell him but he just said, 'you'll be alright', 'you're not pregnant', 'you're nearly due on it will be alright' but I mean how does he know, you just don't know do you. I think he was just trying to reassure me really because he was a bit scared himself, but yeah, so I told him.

I mean we talked about it, he said we were really dumb we should of you know, sorted ourselves out but you know, you do stupid things don't you.

Explains that she finds it easier to go to her local family planning service but that she would...

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Well I really didn't want to go and see my family doctor and I wanted to go somewhere that specialised in it and really knew what they were on about and I didn't want to run the risk of meeting someone I knew.  

OK it seems that sort of you don't want your GP to be involved in sort of your decision regarding...

Well, not really, I mean I don't really know my GP that well, I've moved around quite a lot, I just found it quicker and easier to get an appointment at the family planning clinic and keep it away from the family doctor, kind of thing.

Well I didn't really mind as such, it's just that it's easier to get an appointment at the family planning clinic isn't it, it's quicker and easier. 

Is your GP male or female?

I don't know really, I think it's female but I've moved around so much and had so many different GPs, I'm pretty sure she's a female' yeah I mean I'd go and see a lady doctor about it.

Thinks that in British society sex is associated with negative feelings. (Actor)

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Well I think if people knew more about it we'd be able to sort it out more, I think like in other countries they're like not so closed about it they talk more about it, I think we have more teenage pregnancies here and stuff and I know a lot of people's religions stop them, I mean Catholics, they're not allowed to use contraception are they. I mean the British kind of feel is that sex is sort of a bit dirty and you're not supposed to enjoy it are you, especially like sex before marriage and stuff, it's just not done. 

Talks about lying to her friends regarding a fictitious 'snog'. (Actor)

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I mean when we was younger, we'd talk about it all the time and its like the main topic of conversation and its almost like a competition isn't there, and you think you're like in competition with your mates and who's done it and who with and then, I mean in my case you kind of end up lying and bending the truth and making up stories. 


I mean I hadn't even kissed anyone and I didn't want anyone to think I was a freak or frigid and so I made up this whole story about this boy that I'd kissed and I'd snogged him and all that but it's just rubbish but at the time it felt right and I had to say something because you just feel silly.

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