Nicola - Interview 13

Age at interview: 19
Brief Outline: Nicola is currently at a college for further education and will start working at the local hospital radio station when she finishes her course.
Background: Nicola lives with her parents and was diagnosed with autism when she was 6 years old. Ethnic background/nationality: White British

More about me...

Nicola, 19, was diagnosed with autism when she was six years old. Nicola is currently at a college of further education. She has a lot of potential and when she finishes her college course, will begin a job at the local hospital radio station. She has passed her GCSE’s, won a national art competition and loves music and Chelsea football club.


Nicola talks about the music she likes and how she loves Disney films.

Nicola' Oh my hobbies. I love music. It is one of the big things and I love drawing. Whether it is just a little bit of paper I just love to draw.

And what sort of music do you like?

Nicola' Oh don’t ask me that!
Mother' You will be here until tomorrow.
Nicola' I love everything whether it is soundtracks like from movies. A bit of sixties, seventies, mainly it is eighties and todays.
Mother' And films I guess.
Nicola' Oh yes. I love films. I admit I love Disney. My best feature.
Mother' And you like a good book.
Nicola' I love reading. I will read anything [giggle].
Mother' She likes topical stuff though don’t you; a celebrity in the news and all that sort of thing.
Nicola' Yes I don’t read…. I do have a lot of children’s books but mainly some of them are very old that I can’t throw away.
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