Zohaib developed Covid symptoms and felt that his head hurt a lot. Zohaib also felt scared because he didn’t know what was happening and he had heard on the news about people dying. Zohaib’s family recently got a cat and Zohaib felt that spending time with the cat helps him. Zohaib was interviewed in June 2022.

Zohaib realised he had Covid when his head started hurting, he coughed a lot, and he lost his sense of smell and taste. Zohaib first heard about Long Covid from his doctor, who had offered him paracetamol to help ease his symptoms. As well as a headache, Zohaib’s body ached and he had a runny nose. Zohaib was scared when he first started getting Covid symptoms because he didn’t know what has happening to him and had heard on the news about people dying.

Before having Covid, Zohaib was very active. He enjoyed swimming and playing football, cricket, tennis, and basketball. Zohaib’s family used to go cycling together every evening but don’t now because some of them have Long Covid. Zohaib was angry and sad when he had to be less active and couldn’t go on these bike rides any more. Zohaib can still play some of the sports he used to, but gets tired very quickly.

Seeing friends has also become harder for Zohaib since developing Long Covid, as he’s very tired after coming home from school or playing cricket at an afterschool club. Zohaib also found going to school difficult because he had to go up and down stairs to get to his different lessons. The actual work at school wasn’t difficult for Zohaib but he found homework stressful because there was a lot of it. Zohaib’s teachers have been understanding and told him to save energy by taking his time.

Zohaibs’s family got a cat recently, and Zohaib felt that petting their cat helped him feel less worried about Covid. Zohaib felt that playing with the cat made him happier and took his mind off of things for a while.

Zohaib says that one positive of the situation is that his family have become better at taking care of each other a little more since some of them have developed Long Covid. However, Zohaib felt sad for other people his age experiencing Long Covid, and wanted to tell them to be calm.

Going up and down stairs at school makes Zohaib get tired easily. He’s found his homework difficult because of his fatigue.

Age at interview 12

Zohaib’s parents got a cat for the family, who has been a good distraction while they’ve been unwell.

Age at interview 12

The biggest difference for Zohaib is that he is unable to play as many sports as he used to.

Age at interview 12

Malaeka and Zohaib, who are brother and sister, were both dealing with Long Covid symptoms, and missed going on cycle rides with the family.

Age at interview 12