Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black British
Background: Tony is Black British. He is retired and lives with his wife. Tony developed symptoms before the first lockdown. When they persisted for two weeks, he knew it was Covid. He was anxious about Covid at first because he is Type 2 diabetic, but feels his healthy lifestyle helped against Covid.

Tony experienced flu-like symptoms before the first lockdown and realised he had Covid when they continued for more than two weeks. He didn’t find his symptoms to be too bad but still kept his fluids up while resting to try to recover. As he has been managing type 2 diabetes for over a decade, Tony was worried about Covid at the start of the pandemic because of reports that diabetics were at greater risk from the virus.

Changes Tony made to his lifestyle when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have meant that he hasn’t had to take medication to manage his condition. He feels that his high levels of activity, as well as diet, meant that his immune system was better prepared to respond to Covid. Tony feels that men are often in denial so they are the last to see the doctor for many conditions, and Covid is no exception.

Tony took retirement after thirty years in the equality and diversity field but continues to remain active by engaging with communities which have been described as hard to reac – which Tony disagrees with. He points out they are not on the Moon, Mars or any other celestial plane and people need to get from outside of your nice ivory tower, often behind your laptop and go out there and engage with communitie. Tony also feels it’s important that health information comes from a familiar faceamiliar voiceomebody who they can relate t.

As part of his community work, Tony found that people were getting depressed by listening to the news about Covid 24/ and he recommends watching comedies to keep back some of the doom and gloo as mental health is as important as physical health. Despite being a technophob, Tony feels he still mastered webinars and other ways to keep connected with people virtually during the pandemic.

Tony was at the front of the queu when it came to receiving a vaccine against Covid, as he felt that not taking it would be selfis. He says that it’s important to check scientific websites when doing your own research, and not to rely on social media.

Tony Z was worried about a tight chest but was reassured after paramedics checked him.

Tony Z who worked as a schoolteacher and a musician had both his jobs paused for a while.

Tony Z caught Covid in December 2020. He described having ‘hot and cold sweats’.

When Tony Z mentioned he had Covid on Facebook to encourage others to take the pandemic seriously lots of people reached out to offer help.

Tony Z caught Covid in December 2020. He couldn’t get out of bed and felt that Covid ‘drained every life out of me’.

Tony Z realised something was different when his cough wouldn’t go away even after using an inhaler.

Tony found it persuasive when some ‘anti-vaxxer’ friends changed their minds about the safety of the vaccine.