Susan – Interview 03

Diagnosed aged 61, Susan was first prescribed metformin, but now takes rosiglitazone which suits her better.

Susan’s type 2 diabetes was diagnosed within the past 2 years. She was initially put on metformin by her GP, but this gave her violent diarrhoea. She is now on rosiglitazone, 4mg twice a day which suits her much better. She checks her sugar in the morning and finds the medication easy to use.

Susan was never fond of sweet things, so cutting them out of her diet was not difficult. More recently, Susan has had investigations and treatment due to bowel problems and this has made her feel tired and less able to go about her usual life. She feels that the medication, and her anaemia has reduced her appetite, and she worries that not eating properly is not good for her diabetes either. But the treatment will be over soon, and hopefully she will be able to get back to her daily routines.

She has two small grandsons who come to stay with her at the weekends and she loves looking after them.

Susan found metformin didn’t suit her and the GP substituted rosiglitazone.

Age at interview 63

Gender Female

Age at diagnosis 61