Ricky and Sally

Ricky and Sally’s household became affected by Covid in 2021 when Sally tested positive. Despite also feeling unwell, Ricky continuously tested negative. However, Ricky now experiences a distortion to his taste and smell. Ricky and Sally were interviewed in October 2021.

Ricky and Sally are a married couple whose household was affected by Covid in 2021. Sally became aware that she had Covid when she began to experience cold symptoms and decided to test as a precaution before her aunt who had an upcoming surgery visited. The lateral flow test confirmed that Sally was positive for Covid.

Her symptoms included losing her sense of smell which she has thankfully now regained. Despite also feeling unwell Ricky continuously tested negative for Covid. The couple decided to not get PCR tests due to how difficult it would be to get their family of six (two adults and four children) to the testing centre. They had previously found it difficult when they had to get their 2-year old tested. Therefore, the family decided to isolate without getting PCR tests.

Although Ricky tested negative using lateral flow tests, 2-3 weeks after initially feeling unwell he began to experience a distortion in his sense of smell and taste. Even though Ricky does not smoke nor like the smell of cigarettes he now gets the overwhelming smell and taste of smoke and cigarettes. Ricky now uses Vicks to help distract his brain from the smell. At the time of interview, this symptom was still ongoing.

The couple also had trouble getting doctors’ appointments for their children during the pandemic. Sally and Ricky recount having to manage their daughter’s sporadic fever and rash at home as she would often get better before they could get an appointment. Their daughter’s fever and rash began at the same time as Sally’s Covid infection, yet the couple acknowledges they are unsure if it is related and what is causing these episodes.

While Ricky and Sally stopped attending play barns and other group areas for young children because of the spread of germs they have now decided to return, saying “we started doing that again because I just think the detrimental effect on little ones and not be able to, like we went back to toddler groups for the first time this week.”

Sally and Ricky’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter has a ‘non-specific’ rash that comes and goes. They weren’t sure whether this was related to Covid, and neither was their GP.

Age at interview 40

Sally and Ricky’s young daughter complained of a ‘bumbly tummy’. They found it challenging to know whether their young daughter was experiencing Long Covid symptoms, as she couldn’t voice her feelings like an older child.

Age at interview 40