Gender: Trans / non-binary

Pronouns: They / He

Reuben came out as trans non-binary after feeling uncomfortable for many years with his body, particularly the changes that were happening through puberty.

After finding it really difficult to get information about how to medically transition from the NHS website or how to approach his GP about being referred to a gender specialist, Reuben found information from online forums where he found it helpful to compare experiences.

Reuben decided to see a gender specialist privately to talk about medically transitioning and the effects of hormone therapy. His experiences of contacting the private gender specialist have been very positive, particularly he felt they were spoken to as an individual rather than as another patient.

Reuben would like GPs to understand how important gender identity is to people and how it affects their whole life and for it to be taken as seriously as any other issue a patient comes to see them about.

Reuben thinks it’s important for young Trans people to have a space safe where they can talk about their experiences and how they have been feeling.

Reuben’s experience of online communities is that you;ve got to be careful as there can be misinformation about trans and non-binary people. He said it’s important for young trans people to know that everybody’s journey is very different. There is not one journey that a trans person can go on and whatever route is taken it is still valid whether it be no medical transition or hormones or surgery.

Reuben said “it does make you question yourself and your own identity it makes you feel invalid.”

Age at interview 22

Reuben talks about their experience of support at university getting their name updated and the support from the Students’ Union.

Age at interview 22

Reuben describes his experience being misgendered by his GP: “[It] was a pretty horrible experience”.

Age at interview 22

Reuben discussed the side effects of hormones with their clinician.

Age at interview 22