Ravi says that before Covid he was “really healthy” and had “no problems whatsoever.” His wife, Sonal, caught Covid first back in 2020, and then he got it straight afterwards. Initially he felt drowsy and lethargic all the time, but by the fifth or sixth day he had developed a temperature. It got worse and worse, and then around day eleven he started to get better, “but I wasn’t like I used to be before.” He describes how he had pains everywhere, and was always tired – and still feels tired. Before Covid, Ravi says he was, “energetic, running around doing things, I would never get tired.” Now he says he cannot keep up with everyone else at work, his thumbs cramp, he sometimes loses his words, sometimes gets the shivers, and he often feels so tired and achy. Ravi says that he has caught Covid three times to date, and each time the experience has been worse for him.

Ravi says the doctors have done “blood tests and everything,” the results of which came back normal. He doesn’t feel right however, “everything’s there, but it’s not – it’s not in my head.” Ravi reckons he might be borderline diabetic now, but information from doctors about this has been confusing. He has been told, “at this moment in time you’re borderline, but if the guidelines change you might not be diabetic.”

Ravi explains the first time he caught Covid “wasn’t too bad” but then the second and third time were worse, the third time in particular “was a bit too much.” He says that none of his co-workers caught it, one colleague was positive but was not aware he was, and he caught it from him.

Ravi said that prior to getting Covid, he never went to the doctors, apart from a liver problem once caused by Hepatitis A.  He had spoken to a man who had Long Covid really, really badly. He says that they both “have these really weird spells and thinking that it has to be Covid related.”

Ravi says the doctors are going to monitor him every six months now, but that “they don’t understand everything.” The blood tests look fine, with exception of diabetes result, so Ravi cannot understand why he is feeling “so down” and so achy all the time, or why he has no energy sometimes or feels really, really cold. He says that he also gets lots of pulled muscles and cramp, and he also can’t sleep well anymore, not since having had Covid. Ravi wonders if Covid can cause arthritis, because he now gets pain in his shoulders, arms and legs.

Ravi says that no doctor or health professional has told him that he has Long Covid or referred him to any specialists. He thinks the reason for this might be because he was “smiling all the time, laughing around, joking.” The thing health professionals have focused on more is whether Ravi has diabetes or not.

Ravi has had three shots of the Covid vaccine, he is not sure if maybe how he feels is, “something to do with that. I have no idea what it is.”

Ravi says that he hasn’t researched online about Covid or Long Covid, because he used to be a hypochondriac. “Every time I used to go online, I’ve got that, I’ve got that…and people go just stop looking at it, will you?”  He trusts the blood tests more, if the results say they are okay, then they must be okay. “There must be something that is…that they’re not looking at. That’s all I’m thinking.”

Ravi says that his wider family and friends do understand what he is talking about because they know other people who have the same sort of symptoms. They tell him that they have had those symptoms as well, which reassures Ravi that he is not the only one.

Ravi says he is coping mentally with ongoing symptoms by taking it easy now. His managers understand that he is not as fast as he used to be when doing his job. He will also take longer breaks, even at home, whenever he needs them. His energy will typically last for around an hour, then he needs to sit down again. He also mentions forgetting things such as numbers now, whereas previously he would have no problem remembering them.

Ravi likes to set himself challenges and try things again, in order to try make himself better. “Even when I’m tired I go, no come on, get up, get up.”  He admits he has also overdone things and drained himself, and then needs to sit “for hours and hours.”  If he is unable to do anything around the house, Ravi says that his boys will help out. His sons tell him to just “take it easy….One day at a time. If you want anything doing then let us know and we’ll do it for you.” His sons will also come along sometimes to help him lift things. Ravi feels lucky to have their support.

Ravi exercises each morning, but hardly sees friends and family anymore. “Going out is not one of these things I like to do now.” He is part of a chat group, however, and will phone or go on a video call to keep in touch.  He says that “everyone’s a bit cautious with each other, because [Covid’s] in the back of your head.” Ravi says if he’s walking around or at work he doesn’t let people come too close to him, “I talk to the at arm’s length, everyone. That’s how it is.”

Ravi, a parent with Long Covid, does not see his friends very often. He is much more cautious since getting Covid.

Ravi’s sons were able to pick up household tasks when Ravi or his wife were too unwell to do so.