Mr Baljit Dheansa

Mr Baljit Dheansa, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Queen Victoria Hospital, also works at Royal Sussex County Hospital to support the major trauma centre there and provides specialist plastic surgery input for complex cases there. He also runs burns clinics at Brighton for adults and children and has recently set up joint clinics with paediatric surgeons based at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

In addition to the burns service he has a keen interest in managing patients with skin cancer, leg trauma, breast surgery, as well as general plastic and reconstructive surgery. More recently he has also developed a sub specialist interest in vascular anomalies. He is a member of the Sussex Skin Cancer Network and South East Burns Network.  He is involved in many aspects of research being a member of the Research and Development Committee, and in several clinical trials in the field of burns, as well as supporting basic and translational science projects.

In addition to his Queen Victoria Hospital roles he is a member of the London and South East Burn Operational Delivery Network, British Burns Association Research Committee and the Scar Free Foundation Research Council.

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