Katharine’s first son is now five years old. She had a second baby who was stillborn. Katharine and her son live with her mother. She is divorced and her ex-husband sees his son for a week once a year.

Katharine and her husband were not planning to have a baby and were surprised when she became pregnant. Katharine was pleased but her husband was less so. She had very high blood pressure and a problem with her arm swelling badly after an injection during her pregnancy. Katharine’s waters broke and her mum took her to hospital. Contractions eventually started and Katharine had gas and air to help with the pain. Her son was born and she had an operation to remove the placenta. Her mum was allowed into the operating theatre to support Katharine. She remained in hospital for a couple of days. The baby had jaundice and weighed about 5lbs.

Her husband had some anger issues and was not allowed to be in charge of the baby. Social services arranged for someone to help him learn to relate to the baby. Katharine breastfed her son until one day before his first birthday.

Two years ago Katharine got pregnant again and this time had an uneventful pregnancy. Her waters broke again on her due date and the baby arrived so fast that he was born at home in the bathroom. He was a stillbirth. Katharine and the baby were taken to hospital in different ambulances and, accidentally to different hospitals. Katharine was told her son was still alive which made her feel angry because she knew he wasn’t. They had a small funeral for the baby.

Katharine and her husband have now divorced. He moved back to live with his parents and visits his son every few months. As well as look after her son, Katherine also looks after dogs when people are on holiday.

Katharine found out information from the midwife and her mum.

Age at interview 44

Gender Female

Age at diagnosis 40