Kamie and Dale

Kamie has had two daughters born prematurely at 20 and 21 weeks. Her daughter Hope was born at 20 weeks showing no signs of life. A couple of years later when Kamie was 30, she was pregnant again, with her new partner Dale. Their daughter Lottie was born alive at 21 weeks but died shortly after birth.

This was Kamie’s second pregnancy and she had been feeling unwell throughout. At 20 weeks her waters broke and she went to hospital. The doctors recommended they put a stitch at the opening of her womb (cervix) to try to delay her labour and birth. However before this was done Kamie started to give birth. Her daughter Hope was born showing no signs of life. Kamie had to go straight back to work which she found extremely hard. Kamie and her partner grieved very differently following their daughter’s death. This put a strain on their relationship and they split up shortly afterwards.

A year later Kamie and her new partner Dale decided to try for a baby. Kamie became pregnant but she had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Two years later they tried again and Kamie became pregnant. Kamie had her cervix checked at 14 weeks of pregnancy and everything was progressing well. However at 21 weeks Kamie felt her waters break and Dale took her to hospital. Kamie and Dale had to make the decision to have Kamie’s pregnancy induced knowing their baby would not survive as she was told the infection was life-threatening for Kamie and her baby. Their daughter, Lottie, was born alive and she lived for fifteen minutes. As Lottie was born alive, Kamie was entitled to maternity leave and she took 9 months off work. She was offered counselling and a funeral for her daughter. This was very different to her experiences with her previous pregnancy. The time off and support have helped her recovery.

Kamie and Dale decided to try for another baby. Kamie had a stitch put in her cervix at 14 weeks. She found the pregnancy extremely stressful but her pregnancy progressed well and her daughter was born at 36 weeks.

Kamie had a post-mortem for her daughter Hope but as this was inconclusive she decided not to have one for Lottie.

Kamie felt she wanted to talk more about their loss than her partner Dale.

Kamie described just having a bit of a stomach ache before her waters broke and she was rushed to hospital to give birth.