Jill – Interview 06

Jill had a heart transplant in 1990, aged 49. She has been well for around twenty years. She exercises regularly and has taken part in the British, European and World Transplant Games.

Jill first realised she had a health problem at the age of 49 when she was washing her car. She noticed that it was taking her quite a long time and that she was feeling breathless. She;d felt breathless and tired for a few months and visited her GP, who referred her to hospital. A few years before this, she;d had cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. She;d been given a pacemaker. She was now told that the pacemaker needed adjusting and this is why she;d been feeling so breathless.

Jill was given her medical notes to take to the technician. When she read through them, she saw a sentence saying that she would need a heart transplant. This came as shocking news to Jill as nothing about this had ever been discussed with her. She spoke to the consultant about this immediately and he agreed to refer her to a specialist hospital, where her name would go on the transplant list. At the time she was assessed for transplant, Jill said she received very little information.

Around this time, Jill had been able to manage her daily life but found climbing stairs particularly difficult. Six weeks after being on the list, she received a heart transplant.
After surgery, Jill spent about five days in the intensive care unit and was then transferred to a general ward, where she stayed for five weeks. She noticed almost immediately that she was no longer breathless.

During her recovery, which took about six months, Jill wanted desperately to talk to other people who;d had a heart transplant. She hadn’t realised or been told that there was hospital support group which she could have joined. Three months into her recovery, she joined this support group as secretary and, at the time of interview, was planning to become the vice chairman.

Jill said that, immediately after hospital discharge, she had frequent check-ups and these decreased as time went on. She now attends a clinic twice a year. She is on daily medications and said the side effects she;d had included mouth ulcers, cold sores and facial hair.

Twenty years after her transplant, Jill is fit, well and exercises regularly. She and her husband have taken part in the British, European and World Transplant Games. She advises other people to exercise and to talk to others in a similar situation.

Jill didnt know how long shed have to wait for a transplant, be it a week or several years. She…

Age at interview 68

Gender Female

Jill has been to the British, European and World Transplant Games. They help raise awareness of…

Age at interview 68

Gender Female