Jessica – Interview 34

Jessica talks about her role as a Research Nurse. She talks about supporting parents and children through a trial. She says communication is key and ensuring that parents and children understand about the trial and what it involves.

Jessica is a Research Nurse. She works full time for the Medicine for Children’s Research Network and is based at Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She has been in this post for two years after previously being an adult nurse.

I think the most important aspect about being a research nurse is having the ability to communicate because that’s the key to everything that we do, it doesn’t matter whether we;re communicating with the children or whether we;re communicating with the necessary people that make the study work the same skills are required and communication is at the foundation of all of that

Jessica says it is important to ensure that parents understand the information they have been given about the trial.

The explanation will vary because it’s incredibly important the parents understand. And some of these studies can be very complex. They need to understand the implications of blind, they need to understand the implications of different arms, of randomisation and you need to explain to them what their chances are. If you like, if there’s a two to three, two thirds chance that they’re going to be put on the study drug and a one third chance that they;ll be on the control, they need to understand they don’t have any control over that decision. That, that decision is made by somebody else. So that’s all part of the preparation. it’s all part of the explaining what the study is about and then the next process is what does the study mean to them. What do they need to commit to because they need to understand that if they only entered the study because they wanted the drug and they’re not randomised onto that, that arm, you need them to understand that they are taking on the gamble if you lik.

Throughout a trial, Jessica ensures that parents and children are happy to continue being part of a trial. She says it’s really important to do that because people do forget there’s a get out claus. Once parents and children are participating in a trial they may meet a variety of people. Jessica says that this will depend on the type of trial and usually includes a research nurse or a nurse specialist. She says

The consultant who’s the principal investigator, they;ll see quite a lot of them, it very much depends on the study as to how many investigations they;ll have having. If it’s an involved drug study which needs a large amount of observation, there may be ECG’s that need to be done, there might be x-rays, there might be scans. All sorts of things so there may be a number of people that they will meet on the journey. But part of that, part of them signing up is being prepared that this is what’s going to happen, you know, these are the sorts of people that they will come across

Jessica, a research nurse, says parents and children need to understand that they can withdraw…

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Jessica, a research nurse, explains how she supports parents and children throughout the trial…

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Jessica, a research nurse, says it is really important that parents and children inform the…

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