Gender: Male

Pronouns: He / His / Him

Jay came out as trans after realising that he needed to transition for his own wellbeing. He had experienced dysphoria for a long time which became worse during puberty as he gradually became more and more uncomfortable with himself and his body. His GP was supportive and understanding about referring him to the Gender Identity Development Service, but the practice did not provide the option of bridging hormones. Without the option to pay for private care, his mental health badly deteriorated. He would like to see more support for young trans people while they are on the waiting list to see a gender specialist.

Jay said he would like to pass because he feels it would make social situations easier. Changing his clothes and pronouns and choosing a new name felt very liberating. He practices voice training at home by using YouTube videos from vocal coaches.

The biggest change since starting his transition has been considerable improvements in his mental health. From finding it hard to function he has now been able to come off anti-depressants and feels hopeful about the future.

He staggered coming out to people. Family members who had difficulty getting used to it could see that Jay’s mental health was considerably better.

He found current medical trans healthcare resources very vague and impersonal and hard to use as a resource.

He thinks it is really important for young trans or gender diverse people to be able to take time to fully understand themselves and what being trans means to them.

Jay says that a change in his GP surgery policy pushed him to self-medicate.

Age at interview 23

Jay shares their story about taking antidepressants combined with group therapy.

Age at interview 23

Jay talks about the benefit of group therapy for understanding their difficulties and knowing what to work on.

Age at interview 23

Jay talks about his useful sources of information for trans healthcare in medical journals.

Age at interview 23