Izzy – Interview 12

Izzy is 13 and started attending a weight management programme and found it really helpful because everyone’s in the same situation. Izzy is worried about developing health problems because of her weight. Ethnic background: White English.

Izzy is 13 and started attending a weight management programme to help her improve her confidence, make friends and lose some weight. Izzy has found the programme really helpful because everyone’s in the same situation and they know how you feel. Izzy has made loads of new friends at the programme and feels much fitter and more confident.

Izzy says she’s been gaining weight since she had an operation when she was 5, but sometimes she feels she’s to blame for eating too much and comfort eating when she feels upset. She says that comfort eating actually makes her feel even worse sometimes.

Izzy was a bit worried about her weight because it made her feel different and sometimes she got bullied because of it. She says the bullying has got better now she’s a bit older and she just ignores bullies now. Izzy doesn’t really like to exercise in front of people or to get changed for PE in front of everyone else, so she changes in the toilets. When she does PE, she tries to wear clothes that cover her up as much as possible. Izzy is also worried about developing a heart problem or diabetes.

Izzy says she’s one of the only bigger kids at school but has lost half a stone since coming on the programme by eating better and being more active. Izzy doesn’t think it’s important to be thin, but that it is important not to stand out. She doesn’t enjoy going shopping with her friends because she’s embarrassed to try clothes on in case they see what size she takes. She says her size also makes it difficult for her to get fashionable clothes.

Izzy recommends that if other young people feel tempted to eat chocolate they should try to do something to distract them that’s more active, like playing on the Wii because it’s entertaining as well as fun.

Joining a weight management programme, eating more healthily at home and doing fun activities with the whole family, have all helped Izzy.

Gender Female

Izzy gets changed in the toilets because she doesn’t want people to look at her.

Gender Female