Hina has had Covid twice and experiences Long Covid symptoms of leg and back pain which “just comes out of nowhere.” The second time she had Covid, her symptoms were worse and she was scared because she had not expected to get it again and her dad had recently sadly passed away from Covid. She takes paracetamol for her leg pain and uses massage and stretching to ease the pain. Some of her sisters also have Long Covid symptoms and they all support and help each other.

When Hina first had Covid in September 2021 she had mild symptoms of leg pain. After ten days she continued to have very severe leg and back pain. Her dad had Covid at the same time and went to hospital and sadly, he died in hospital. In March, Hina caught Covid for a second time and this time she was ‘scared, worried and shocked.’ She had been to a wedding with her family the day before and thinks she may have got it there since her sisters also became ill with Covid. This time her symptoms were worse; she felt very cold, nauseous and had a lot of weakness. She now has leg and back pain that “it just comes out of nowhere and it’s just really painful.” Her sleeping hasn’t been affected. She is still able to do P.E lessons at school but sometimes if her legs are too painful she will sit out for one or two lessons. She appreciates one of her friends at school who asks how she is feeling and says, “to rest and drink water and do you have fruits?” Her family encouraged her to do things and to still go places.

Hina takes paracetamol for pain which sometimes helps and other times doesn’t make a difference. Massage and light exercise, such as rolling her leg and stretching exercises help with the pain. Hina hasn’t been to the doctors about her leg and back pain.

Just before Hina got Covid for a second time her leg pain and back pain had gone but then after a second Covid infection it came back again. She hadn’t really thought that she would get Covid again so it was a shock when it happened.

Some of Hina’s sisters also have Long Covid symptoms; one of her sisters has a fast heartbeat, another has asthma and breathing difficulties, another has leg and back pain. Being ill with Long Covid hasn’t changed her relationship with her sisters; they all talk about how difficult it is and try to help each other.

While some people at Hina’s school questioned why she had Covid more than once, one of her friends was very supportive.

Age at interview 11

Hina is ‘not too scared’ about getting Covid again, because she thinks she would be prepared.

Age at interview 11

Hina advised ‘encourage yourself’ and to find support in your family.

Age at interview 11