In 2008 Emlyn found that he could not pass urine. At hospital, his urine was released via a urethral catheter, and he had surgery for prostate cancer. In 2011 he had difficulty passing urine again so he had more surgery and was given a suprapubic catheter.

In 2008 Emlyn found it hard to pass urine. He went to his GP who sent him to the hospital. There a nurse passed a urethral catheter to release his urine. Then he was admitted to hospital for surgery for prostate cancer. Ten days later he went home with the urethral catheter. After a while this was removed.

In 2011 Emlyn had more trouble passing urine. He went back to hospital where he had a prostate scrape, probably a transurethral resection of the prostate. When he woke up he had a suprapubic catheter instead of a urethral catheter. The catheter drains urine continuously. He finds that he has to change the urine bag about every three hours. Emlyn has had this type of catheter ever since January 2011 and finds it quite easy to manage. He goes to the hospital every three months to have the catheter replaced. He changes his drainage bag every week. He has a larger one for the night time.

Emlyn has also had other treatment for his prostate cancer. In 2012 he had some radiotherapy. He also has hormone treatment. He feels quite well apart from getting pain in his penis, which he thinks may be due to the radiotherapy. He hopes that this will get better soon. He gets out and about and still drives his car and sings in the choir.

Emlyn notices his catheter only when the bag is full. He shows his leg bag. He gets a burning…

Age at interview 79

Gender Male