Dr Tess McPherson

Dr Tess McPherson is a Consultant Dermatologist and Senior Clinical Lecturer (Oxford University Hospitals). Her particular areas of clinical and research interests include paediatric dermatology, teenage and young adult dermatology, psoriasis, acne and eczema.

Dr McPherson talks about the benefits of the Healthtalk website for young people and health professionals.

Dr McPherson says a patient’s views about their own acne will be taken into account by medical professionals when making decisions about treatment.

Dr McPherson explains why isotretinoin treatments (tablets and topical gels) are usually only available from dermatologists.

Dr McPherson talks about how common acne is and how long it tends to last for those affected

Dr McPherson talks about the types of spots often involved in acne.

Dr McPherson says there are different grading systems for acne severity used by medical professionals.

Dr McPherson discusses the benefits and risks of isotretinoin treatments.

Dr McPherson says the link between diet and acne is unclear.

Dr McPherson talks about what happens in skin with acne.

Dr McPherson explains about the drug isotretinoin (e.g. Roaccutane).

Dr McPherson talks about when a person could seek a doctor’s help for acne.

Dr McPherson talks about acne causes and triggers.