Amira caught Covid in July 2021 and has been suffering from loss of taste and smell and fatigue since. Due to her fatigue she has been finding it difficult to attend school, and is on a reduced timetable. Her symptoms have also made it difficult for her to see friends and do activities she enjoyed. Amira was interviewed in June 2022.

Amira caught Covid from her mother on the 26th of July 2021. Her mother had been isolating with Covid when Amira caught it and began isolating with her. Since having Covid Amira has been experiencing Long Covid symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, and fatigue. She says, “I feel tired all the time, like I’ve no energy to like do things.” She also wakes up in the night and gets headaches.

Amira has seen a GP about her symptoms but she was told that they would get better by themselves and that she should take multivitamins. While Amira feels the vitamins have helped, she wishes they could have done more including giving her blood tests to see if they indicate if anything is wrong and can be fixed. She says that she feels scared that she’ll never get better.

Amira’s symptoms have caused issues for her at school as fatigue makes it difficult for her to attend. She is now on a reduced timetable that allows her to do half a day at school and half a day at home. However, despite her mum having a letter from the GP informing her teachers that she is unwell, some still insist she return to school full-time. Her teachers have informed her mother that she will be fined if Amira does not return to school full time. She feels that her teachers don’t understand and think she just does not want to attend. However, Amira likes school and is concerned about her GCSE exams next year and whether she will be able to do them while still dealing with Long Covid.

Amira’s Long Covid symptoms have had a knock-on effect on her friendships and her ability to do extracurricular activities. Due to being in school less, Amira no longer regularly sees her friends and although she still speaks to them on the phone, she does not have the energy to go see them in person. She feels this is pulling her away from her friends. Amira is also no longer able to go to the gym as often as she used to and go swimming, which she has done for years. Not being able to do the things she enjoys has made Amira very sad. Amira also feels her mum is sad about her symptoms and the issues surrounding her schooling.

Despite restrictions being lifted, Amira chooses to still wear a mask when going out, saying “I can wear a mask, like it’s my choice.” She also continues to socially distance and thinks that restrictions should not have been lifted until the virus was 100% gone as people are still getting ill. Amira has not yet got her vaccine due to her age and is deciding on whether she wishes to get it.

Amira’s GP suggested multivitamins and she felt they could have offered more in the way of treatment. Her mum organised for her to get some counselling.

Age at interview 15

Amira felt pressure from some teachers to go back to school full-time and said she doesn’t think they understand the effect that Long Covid can have.

Age at interview 15

Since Amira has had Long Covid she doesn’t really see her friends anymore. She says “I feel like it’s putting me more away from them.”

Age at interview 15

Amira found having Long Covid made her more anxious and would sometimes get panic attacks.

Age at interview 15