Who made this leukaemia resource?

Julie Evans

Is an experienced health services researcher specialising in qualitative research. She has an MSc in Social Research from the University of Surrey. Her main interest is cancer and she has worked on Healthtalkonline cancer studies since 2000.

Advisory Panel

Professor Asim Khwaja
Consultant Haematologist, University College London
Professor Andrew Pettitt
Consultant Haematologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Dr Graham Jackson
Consultant Haematologist, Newcastle
Mary Harness
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cardiff
Nina Hallowell
Medical Sociologist, University of Edinburgh
Liz Minton
Centre Head, Maggie’s, Oxford
Dr Judy Kane
GP and DIPEx Charity trustee
Professor Jane Wardle
Director CR-UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College, London
Brian Thomas
Patient representative
Jane Barnard
Patient representative
Helen McLeod
Fund Executive, Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund
Eve Martin-Lewis
Deputy Chief Executive, Leukaemia Care
Professor Alan Burnett
Consultant Haematologist, Cardiff
Sue Ziebland
Research Director, Health Experiences Research Group

Thanks to all those who were interviewed, to those who helped us recruit participants, to our advisory panel, and to Sophie Chalk and Leukaemia Research for allowing us to use interviews previously conducted for ‘Talking about Leukaemia’ (also known as ‘Rachel’s project’) – a DVD and booklet for people with leukaemia and other blood disorders.

Special thanks to:

  • Dr Tim Littlewood for all his help in updating the site in 2015. Tim is a haematology consultant with a particular interest in leukaemia and bone marrow transplantation and additional interests in teaching and clinical research.
  • Dr Deborah Hay for all her help in updating the medical summaries in 2018.


Supported by:
The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund
Leukaemia Care

Grant holders:
Julie Evans
Sue Ziebland
Ann McPherson

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