Who made this intensive care with COVID-19 resource?

Annelieke Driessen

Annelieke Driessen is a medical anthropologist based at the London School of Hygiene, and Research Fellow at The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (2020-2022). She led the study design, advisory panel meetings, recruitment of participants, data-collection, analysis. Her research interests include care at the margins of life, in particular for people with dementia and at the end-of-life, and how patient and professionals’ tacit knowledge can be made available for learning.

Lisa Hinton

Lisa Hinton is a medical sociologist. She conceived the study and supported the  design, recruitment of participants, advisory panel meetings and analysis. Her research interests include the use of patient narratives for healthcare improvement, women’s health, in particular infertility, pregnancy and childbirth, and the use of the Internet as a resource for health information and support.


We would like to thank all the participants who have taken part in this research and have trusted us with their stories.

We would like to extend thanks to the Master’s students who have conducted research and written their theses within the wider study under Annelieke’s supervision: Syed Ahmed, Dalia Adel and Sagana Thayaparan.

We extend special thanks to the individuals and organisations who, in times of unprecedented pressures, have helped with the recruitment of participants for the study:

Maggie Casey (Band 7 Sister and Follow up clinic Lead Nurse), Cate Holbrook (Clinical Research Practitioner) and Lucy Jenkins (Matron Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Outreach), on behalf of the critical care follow-up services within Homerton University Hospital Trust

Rebecca Allen (Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist), Dr Anthony Bastin (ICU Consultant), Dr Coyle Colette (Consultant in critical care), Dr Rosalba Spiritoso (ICU consultant) and Nicole Yam (Occupational therapist), on behalf of the critical care follow-up services within Barts Health NHS Trust.

Dr Olivia Kelsall (Intensive care consultant) and Dr Gareth Sellors (Intensive Care Consultant), on behalf of the critical care follow-up services within Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust

Dr Luke Hodgson (ICU Consultant), University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Matt Morgan (ICU consultant), University Hospital of Wales

Joanne Outtrim (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Critical Care), Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Melanie Gager (Nurse Consultant in Critical Care), Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK

Recovery after Critical Illness Team – Intensive Care Unit, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK

The PHOSP-COVID research team at the University College London Hospital

The PIM-COVID research team: Prof. Dr. med. Ingeborg Welters (Co-CI), Mrs Karen Williams (Study Manager), and Alicia Waite (Co-CI)

Alex Wray (Clinical Research Fellow, Hull York Medical School)

Advisory panel

We are extremely grateful to the advisory panel members for guiding the design, data-collection and reviewing texts for the website. The advisory panel consists of:

Anna Boniface (Critical Care Physiotherapist at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust)

Dr Tom Bashford (Clinical Lecturer in Anaesthesia, University of Cambridge)

Carl Gearing (Expert by experience, patient)

Dr Luke Hodgson (ICU consultant Worthing Hospital, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, Visiting Senior Lecturer University of Surrey)

Joanne Outtrim (Clinical Nurse Specialist Critical Care, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Professor Rupert Pearse (Professor and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine; Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust)

Laurence Penn (Expert by experience, patient)

Professor Kathy Rowan (Director, ICNARC; critical care researcher)

Deborah Rowlands (Expert by experience, family member)

Kate Tantam (Specialist Senior Sister in the Intensive Care Rehabilitation Team at University Hospitals Plymouth)


Experiences of intensive care with COVID-19 resources

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