Who made this bowel screening resource?

Alison Chapple

Alison Chapple is a medical sociologist. She has been involved in research since obtaining her MA in Health Research and her PhD in 1997. She has worked at the University of Oxford since 2000 as a Senior Research Fellow and Research Lecturer.

Advisory Panel

Dr Andrew Herxheimer
DIPEx Trustee and member of the DIPEx steering group
Dr Andrew Veitch
Consultant Gastroenterologist, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.
Dr Richard Tighe
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
Mr David Phillips
Patient Representative
Mr Paul Hewitson
Psychologist, Senior Research Officer, Cancer Research UK, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford.
Mrs Catherine Davison
Information manager, NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.
Mrs Jane Cook
Nurse Endoscopist, Gatroenterology Department, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
Mrs Pam Feighan
Patient representative
Ms Sue Ziebland
Research Director, Health Experiences Research Group, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford.
Ms Una Meagher
Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Gastroenterology Department, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Professor Ala Szczepura
Professor of Health Services Research, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.
Professor Sheina Orbell
Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Essex.

We should like to thank all the participants, advisory panel & Ron Parker, Pat Ramsell, Linda Stretton, Carol Wheatley, Andrea Giles, Kate Beddard, Clare Simpson, Thelma Cluett & Andrew Smithers, & patient support groups in Rugby & Coventry.

Supported by:
The UK National Screening Committee
GUT: The Digestive Tract Cancer Support Group for Coventry and Warwickshire

Grant holders:
Sue Ziebland
Ann McPherson

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