Profiles - 31-50


Max lives with his partner, and works in the film industry. Ethnic background: Jewish.

Olivia Y

Olivia Y is single and currently lives alone. She is studying for a PhD. Ethnic background: White British


Jenny lives with her parents who help care for her as she has chronic asthma and is often unwell. She had to retire from her job in healthcare due to ill health but keeps active by studying and doing voluntary work. Ethnic background: White British


Charlotte is single and works as a Finance Officer. Ethnic background: White British


Dina is single and works as a researcher in mental health. Ethnic background: White European/Greek


Flora lives with her partner and son. She works in the field of social care but took a career break when she was unwell. She is hoping to start working in the near future with a charity and currently volunteers in the community. Ethnic background: British/Middle Eastern


Simon is married and has two young children. He is a GP who specialises in mental health issues, and also works as an academic and clinical teacher/researcher. Ethnic background: White British.


Catherine is married and works as an E-health Officer in a Mental Health setting. Ethnic background: White British


Gerry is single and works as a researcher. Ethnic background: White British


Stephen is single and recently moved to a new area of the country for his job testing computer software. Ethnic background: White British


Thomas is currently single and works as a researcher at a university. Ethnic background: British Bangladeshi.


Sonia is single and works as an administrator for a healthcare provider. Ethnic Background: British/Indian


Lou is married and lives with her husband and young baby. She works as a manager in the public sector. Ethnic background: White/Asian


Greg is single and works as an artist and photographer. Ethnic background: White British


Melanie worked as a retail manager until recently. She is divorced. Ethnic background; White British.


Sharon is divorced and lives her two children. She works as a Lab Technician in a university. Ethnic background; White British.


Roisin is divorced and lives with her teenage daughter. She works as an office manager in a health setting. Ethnic background: White British


Andrew is married and has two young children. He works in communications at a university undertaking health research.

Olivia X

Olivia is divorced and has three children. She works in scientific research. Ethnic background: White British
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