Profiles - Age 40-54

Interview 06

A married health care professional, with 4 children. Has probably suffered since her teens. She experiences mainly depressive episodes with some euphoria in-between.

Interview 07

An athletic 45 year old man who was originally born in Brazil, now living with his partner in London. His most recent episode of depression started in late 2002 and was triggered by workplace pressure.

Interview 16

Is a gay man living with his partner. He has had a number of major episodes of depression. He has experienced difficult work environments as well as homophobic violence.

Interview 19

Married with children, was anxious as a child and felt ill-fitted with her family. She left university due to anxiety and struggled for years at a bullying workplace before a debilitating 5 year depression.

Interview 20

Originally from Northern Europe, is a health professional. In 1989 her 'emotions caught up' with her, and she became severely depressed and also had psychosis.

Interview 22

Is a divorcee who is currently on Cipramil (60mg/day). She has had dysthymia and bouts of depression throughout her life, yet she has only been diagnosed recently. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 23

Is a gay male academic. He experienced early loss of family members as a child, bullying, and sexual confusion. He has suffered ongoing anxiety and depression.

Interview 27

Is a divorced part time carer. Before her depression and suicide attempt she was a workaholic in a job that was becoming more demanding. Her depression required hospitalisation.

Interview 30

Lives with her husband and children. She has had a difficult childhood and ongoing problems with some family members. She has suffered from depression, paranoia and thoughts of suicide. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 32

Is single and works in a security firm. She was bullied at school. The grief over her mothers death in 2002 as well as an ongoing dispute over her will has been very difficult. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 38

Is a black gay artist, living with his partner. A difficult family life, he thought about suicide at the age of 14 and again when he had depression at 32.

Interview 39

Lives with her husband and 6 year old son in a village. Was diagnosed with severe depression after the birth of her son, and had another episode subsequently.
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