Profiles - Age 30-39

Interview 04

A married teacher living in London. Multiple episodes of depression starting in childhood, bouts tend to occur when he is doing well. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 05

A computer programmer, married with children, who has had a number of episodes of depression, the most recent was very severe. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 08

Works as a receptionist. She had a difficult childhood. She has been sectioned in the past, been on numerous medications, and had ECT (Eletroconvulsive Therapy) which she did not like. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 09

A computer technician, who has been depressed for most of his life. There was conflict and early loss in his family, and he has not responded to medication. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 10

Works part time in the tourism industry, living in a coastal town. Suffered depression and anxiety at a time when he was in a highly confrontational customer relations job.

Interview 11

A married woman who was a customer manager until the birth of her son in 1998 and the death of her mother, at which time she had a severe post-natal depression.

Interview 17

Currently not working, is living with his father. He endured bullying at school, and in the 90s, his mother died from cancer. He battles depression and anxiety. (including de-personalisation)

Interview 26

Lives with her partner and young daughter and recently gave up full time work in a social welfare role. Grew up in a difficult family and has experienced anxiety and depression since she can remember.

Interview 33

Is from an Asian background and was born outside of the UK. Felt unsafe at school, and has found it difficult to deal with family issues.

Interview 34

British/Half Italian health professional, has felt like an outsider from an early age. She was bullied at school and also had a termination at the age of 16. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 35

Carrie Thomas is a Media Trainer living in London. There is a history of mental illness in her family. Her bipolar disorder began while studying at Oxford University.

Interview 36

Suffered depression and attempted suicide after leaving university and starting work. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1989. Currently self-employed as a teacher. Has had a number of bouts of depression/mania. (Played by an actor.)

Interview 37

Was adopted from the US, grew up in London, currently a single teacher living with her dog. Diagnosed with depression in 1993, and has attempted suicide.
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