Cleft Lip and Palate

Profiles - Adults with cleft


Mally is White British, lives alone and works as a stevedore at his local docks. He has 4 grown up children from 2 different relationships and is also a grandfather of a 7 month boy.


Lizzie is White British and a university graduate. She is married and is currently working in call centre. Lizzie was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. She has a younger brother.

Kendal and Suzi

Kendal is 24 years of age and training to be a teacher and her mother Suzi is a teacher. Kendal and Suzi are White British.


Hannah has a degree in creative and expressive arts. She lives with her parents and is White British.


Ryerson is a university lecturer, is married and has no children. Ryerson was born in Canada but lives in the UK.


Karan is currently self-employed, works voluntary as a street pastor, and is married with a teenage son. Karan is white British.


Jon is a graduate and works as a freelance arts and events producer. He is single and White British.


Iona is single, and is currently studying Nursing at university. Iona is White British.

Mary Z

Mary is a graduate and has followed a career in Education as a teacher. Mary is single and is White Irish.


Josh is 17 years old and a BTEC Engineering student. Josh is White British


Alex is a full-time psychology student and is White British.

Mary W

Mary is a primary school teacher and has had 3 children who currently range from 14 to 32 years of age. Mary is White-British.


Gemma is single and studying for a degree in Primary Education. Gemma is White British.


Elliott is a retail manager and is single. Elliott is White British.
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