Interview 18

Age at interview: 23
Age at diagnosis: 23
Brief Outline: Abnormal smear in 2001. Waiting for 6 month repeat smear.
Background: Sales support; single, no children.

More about me...


Talking to other women reassured her after she had an abnormal result.


No I haven't actually I was, I mean I've spoken to my mother and she, because she knows people that have had experience of things they all reassured me don't worry, you know even if it, even if there is a little something that it's probably not that major. Because I've got people around me that are very reassuring it hasn't caused a concern, I haven't you know I haven't really, I've kind of put it to the back of my mind really and in 6 months time when I go back then that's, that's when I address it. It's not, the doctor has told me 6 months you don't need to address it until then, so I've, that's exactly what I'm doing.

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